Wholehearted Physicians Retreat, Carlsbad, San Diego – April 7 – 9, 2017

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To those it needs most,
Medicine is becoming…
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 Overwhelmed… Overworked… Disillusioned…

You went into medicine to help people. You have always been the mission-driven and compassionate one. You shone your light and strived to make a positive impact wherever you went. A giver who is always there for others, you care about saving lives and making a difference. 

But it feels like no one is watching out for you… 
You were going to change the world as a humanitarian, an altruist and idealist. But now you ask yourself “How did I get here?” This is not what you signed up for. You find yourself compassion-fatigued on the verge of burnout on a faster and faster treadmill of assembly-line medicine, seeing more and more patients in less and less time…
You know you deserve better but you can’t figure out how.
You feel betrayed, frustrated and stuck, knowing that you have spent your whole life training for this profession. You have sacrificed relationships, well being and other beloved hobbies. You feel a disquiet in your soul – you are busier than ever but bored. You have no time – too tired for real connection, exercise, real friendships or even hobbies. You find you can’t be your true self in friendships because others are either intimidated by your being a physician, or even worse, they expect you to always be the strong one and the helper so your friendships become non-reciprocal one way-streets. You have missed so many birthdays and weddings, you now feel isolated and alienated. And worse, it feels like you cannot be your true self in medicine.

You want to be great. But You feel trapped knowing there is more. You feel you are not living up to your potential.

We both know that you, as a healer, deserve a safe space where you can heal, align, connect and thrive so you can be the compassionate, excellent and passionate clinician you are for your patients.
Imagine a place where you can really be vulnerable and authentic without fear of being taken advantage of or appearing weak.
You do not have to put on a mask or act tough because you feel your heart cannot take another heartbreak. You don’t have to wonder if anyone really has your back or even truly cares.
If you crave fulfillment and alignment with the values and ideals that brought you to medicine…

If you want to feel like yourself again…
If it feels like you are living someone else’s life and you hardly recognize yourself anymore in this autopilot mode…
If you are tired of Perfectionism and ready to strive for excellence instead…
If you can’t remember the last time you felt truly alive, free, truly connected or filled with joy…
If you feel like a fraud because you tell your patients about healthy eating, exercising, friendships and wellness but you barely have time to hit the gym, you crave junk food because you are so stressed, you feel frustrated because you can’t hide anymore, you are sleep-deprived and your sex life is practically non-existent…
If you feel a call to something deeper, a new adventure, a call to explore your inner humanitarian, artist, entrepreneur, writer, musician or librarian but feel stuck or scared to even give yourself permission to try…
If you feel anxious, on edge, constantly catch yourself holding your breath and constantly have to remind yourself to breathe…
If you want to reach out for help but going to EAP is not an option since you know you are not mentally ill and you can’t afford the liabilty of being on that list…
If you crave work-life harmony…
If you want the courage to live the life you really want…
… you have come to the right place.
Join us for the Physicians Daring Greatly Retreat, A Wholehearted Physicians Retreat, April 7-9, 2017. at the Cape Rey, A Hilton Resort in Carlsbad, right across the street from the Pacific Ocean!  

Align with your values and who you really are by digging deep into the principles of wholehearted living featured in Daring Greatly and the Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. Connect with a growing tribe of wholehearted physicians like you who value authenticity, creativity, compassion, connection, vulnerability, altruism, empathy, embracing imperfection and resilience. Get inspired and equipped to thrive in the life you deeply desire to live.  
You and 9 other wholehearted physicians will step out of your autopilot life for a 3 day-intensive of laughter, insight, inspiration, rejuvenation as you explore and realign with your own values, connect and discover new friends and like-minded kindreds. You will dig deep into exploratory exercises on creativity, authenticity, connection, shame resilience, letting go of perfectionism, mindfulness, to name a few. 
Your newly learned ideas, strategies and tools will equip you for a wholehearted life and will transform how you live, love, parent and lead. You will also come out feeling more empathetic, inspired, confident, self-compassionate and reconnected to your truest self.
You can rewrite your own future.
My hero, Dr. Albert Schweitzer says “Grow into your ideals so that life will not rob you of them.” So what kind of life do you want? You can rewrite your own future and live the life you really want – a vibrant life aligned with your ideals, connected to the ones you love, fulfilled and thriving in your professional and your personal life, and making a positive impact in the world.


Your full retreat payment of $1400 Covers:
Gourmet Breakfast and Lunch Buffets each day. (Value – $500)
The Daring Way curriculum, workbook and supplies. (Value – $2500)
Workshop Sessions held in a Beautiful Conference Room with A Real-Life Escape Room Immersive Group Adventure Game at the School of Hard Locks. (Value $50) http://www.schoolofhardlocks.com/immersiveentertainment.                                      A weekend of connecting, growing and sharing heartfelt stories with a tribe of wholehearted physicians on the Sunny Pacific Coast of Northern San Diego in a positive, warm, safe, supportive space With natural light and Pacific Views! (Value – Priceless!)

A block of beautiful rooms Overlooking the Pacific Ocean. (The views are stunning!) are reserved for our group at a generous 25% discounted rate. You can choose to room alone or share a room with a fellow participant. You can call to make your reservations. 
You will also have time to rest, move, create and rejuvenate at the lovely Cape Rey Resort, enjoy spa, exercise, and revive with delicious gourmet food.
If feeling a little adventurous, you can explore Carlsbad and San Diego on customized adventures – including Biking, Hot Air Balloons, Surfing, Kayaking, Visits to Wineries or Craft Breweries , Paddle Boarding, HorseBack Riding, Fishing, Snorkeling, Fishing even a Chopped cooking competition hosted by the Chandler Chef at the resort!
There is so much to do if you decide to do so. 
Or You can just rest! 
You will also be added to our own private Daring Wholehearted Physicians FB group solely for retreat participants where you can connect and share stories before and after the retreat so you can deepen the bonds of lifelong friendships you began. 

The retreat fee is $1400. The retreat fee also covers a $100 non-refundable fee for a mandatory screening consultation. At the retreat, everyone is also committed to a confidentiality agreement.
The screening consultation ensures the safety of participants by exploring individual needs and interests, assessing coping agreements, current emotional state and existing emotional support for the individuals interested in the retreat.  
Only 10 9 spots available. 
Thursday Evening: Escape Room Adventure – School of Hard Locks
Friday Sessions  – Introduction, How Values Light the Way Trust and The Marble Jar, The Myths of Vulnerability, The Arena,
Saturday Sessions – Empathy and Self Compassion, Shame and the Arena Door, Understanding Shame, The Armory
Sunday Sessions – Creativity, Shame Shields, Identities and Triggers, Gratitude and Closing
You deserve to live aligned with your ideals. You deserve to thrive in all arenas of your life including medicine. You can fulfill your dream to make a positive impact in the world.
Excited? So are we! We can’t wait to meet you! 
To sign up, click https://app.acuityscheduling.com/catalog.php?owner=12357213&action=addCart&id=172048
  I am here to support you in your quest to Live the ideals that brought you to medicine, thrive in your calling and make a positive impact in the world! See you soon!

Yvonne Whitelaw, MD, MPH
Physician Coach, Facilitator and Advocate
Founder, Wholehearted Physicians Professionals Aligned, Connected & Thriving (Wholehearted Physicians PACT)
Founder, Thriving Ideals
“Grow into your ideals so that life will not rob you of them. ” – Dr. Albert Schweitzer

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