I am a multi-passionate professional, creative and entrepreneur with backgrounds in medicine, public health,  executive and personal coaching in positive psychology, daring way facilitation. I am also a British-Born, Nigerian raised, American spirited Global Citizen who is also a writer, poet, master of public health, a physician, musician and devout meditator.

Topics I am especially interested in speaking include Values-based leadership, Living Aligned in Medicine, Helping Physician Moms thrive in Medicine, Helping Third-Culture/First Generations Thrive Professionally, Preventing Burnout in Medicine and other Helping Professions,  Empathy-based leadership, Authenticity for Immigrants/Third-Culture, Thriving at Rock-Bottom, Courage to Tell our stories, Personal Development as a Spiritual Practice, Failure, Entrepreneurship as an Immigrant, Humanitarianism, Music, Consistent Creativity, Quests as a Spiritual Practice and Helping Idealists Thrive and many others.

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