Successful outside, yet falling apart inside?

What if there was a way out…

I get it. You’ve accomplished everything you wanted. Succeeded at the highest levels. Money, material objects, prestige, everything you’ve sacrificed for. Suffered for. You’ve got it all.
Yet every day, you wake up empty. Burned-out. Exhausted. Disillusioned.
Locked into a cage of your own creation. Nobody to complain to, because from the outside looking in, you have what everyone else wants. A packed professional practice, or high-level career. Yet, a little piece of you is dying every day. Some days, you wish you could just walk away. Yet, you can’t see a way out, and you wonder if it’s just too late.

I coach high-performing, stress-addled professionals who’ve hit a wall and want a different life, but don’t know where to begin. This is my specialty. I am not a generic life-coach, or business coach or really any kind of ordinary coach.

I help people who have succeeded by traditional definitions, but are inwardly wrecked, come back to life. Without the typical rah-rah, oversimplified slogans and superficial antics that tend to inspire a younger set, yet are completely inadequate for someone at your level, with your pain, your needs and your desires. Including the need for real, measurable and immediate outcomes. And, discretion.


My name is Yvonne Whitelaw. MD, MPH

I help helpers because we all need a hand, someone to lean on and some place to feel like someone’s got our back. Especially those who are constantly leading and serving others.
I have traveled extensively between and lived in Nigeria, London and the United States, established international aid campaigns, attained a Masters in Public Health, a degree in medicine and raised a family. Along the way, I fell apart, too. And, as part of my recovery, I drew upon my extensive background in behavior change, program-development, mindbody wellness, and also trained extensively to deliver scientifically-validated interventions in Positive Psychology and as developed by Brene Brown through her Daring Greatly and Rising Strong initiatives.
I know what it is like to feel the pressure of performing at the highest levels, while secretly having the walls of your life cave in. And, I know how to make it stop. I’ve done it for myself. I’ve done it for others. I can do it for you.

I’m not going to give you any kind of long sales pitch. You’re too busy for that. You just need to answer a simple question right now…

Are we a fit?

I don’t know, and I never sell clients. Not my style.

At any given moment, I have only a handful of spots available (this lets me serve those clients on the highest level and also work on larger-scale initiatives in the global health world and military support space).

I can help you breathe again.

Most important, you’ll stop suffering in silence. And start rebuilding your life.

Despite what you think, it is not too late. I’m here to help you.

Yvonne Whitelaw, MD, MPH

Certified Daring Way Facilitator

Coach, Facilitator and Advocate

Founder, Thriving Ideals

There is one way to find out if we are a fit.
Click on the link below right now to set up a 25-minute Discovery Call.
I will ask you a handful of specific questions to get to know you, and ensure I can help you. I’ll be gentle, and I won’t waste your time. If I can help, and I have availability, we’ll schedule our first “official session, and I will share how we can work together moving forward.

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If you’re curious what others have said about our work together, here are a few words from those I’ve helped:
“Yvonne has picked me up when I’ve fallen apart, more times than I can remember – though most recently this Summer. She’s not a bootcamp style drill sergeant, but she will be straight with you. All the while with kindness and calmness. On this – I’ve literally never met anyone as calm as she is. You just stand next to her and your heart rate starts to go down. If you are someone who spends a lot of their job or life caring for others and it’s getting too much, I really, HIGHLY recommend doing a session with Yvonne.” – Marsha Shandur, Corporate Story Strategist

“Yvonne Whitelaw as I posted earlier has changed my life and given me gifts in knowing her that I cannot begin to describe. If you need some sort of guidance, change or support, she is the real deal!” – Susan Lustenberger

Dear Yvonne, it has been my pleasure and honor to work with you these last few months. I sincerely appreciate your help, and I have considered our work pivotal in allowing me to gain the mindset needed to take the next step in my writing career. The focus on values and strengths has allowed me to work around my struggles with confidence, and the focus on service and sharing my voice with the audience with whom my message resonates has been particularly powerful. I have a feeling that the benefits of our time together will continue to unfold and manifest in different ways in the months and years ahead, but that we have planted some important, necessary seeds. So thank you, and yes, I would absolutely recommend you with the highest degree of confidence and without reservation to any other physicians who could stand to benefit from your services. Thank you for your brilliant coaching.
Dr. MV, (MD) Psychiatrist, Writer, Mother


I sought Yvonne’s help when I was in a fork in the road regarding my profession. Her suggestion to take a unique personality test I hadn’t heard of in the past gave me insight into myself and clarity regarding the best path for me. Yvonne’s insight helped empower me to confidently decide my next steps in my career. Yvonne is smart, intuitive, and has a huge heart. There is no doubt in my mind that Yvonne’s work will continue to change the world, one professional at a time.

Dr. Kerry Petsinger, (Ph.D) Physical Therapist, Mom and Founder of Your Streamlined Life


Before working with Yvonne I was burnt out with lack of passion for my calling and stuck in a toxic work environment. I knew I needed to make a change but didn’t know how. I was stuck in the “couldn’t” and “shouldn’t’s”, and unable to allow myself permission to pursue something different. I came to know of Yvonne’s services through Physician Mom’s Group and decided to book a session. At the very first session, which I just expected to be introductory and mostly a telling of my story, in addition to being an excellent listener, Yvonne taught me breathing exercises and started immediately giving me professional feedback and plan of actions. It gave me confidence in her expertise and that progress WOULD be made. She remained caring and supportive throughout our coaching relationship. She taught me to look deeper past what I wanted to do or not do, but WHY? What were my driving forces? My core values? My strengths? I gained the strength to leave the toxic relationship (my job) in a way that aligned with my beliefs, on good terms. Her voice (even when not on the phone) became a guiding force for many personal difficulties I happened to be going through at the time. “What would Yvonne say?” became a common thought causing me to reflect often. I would wholeheartedly recommend her sessions, I believe anyone could benefit from her expertise and guidance. I wish she would expand her services to non-physicians as well! – Dr. A. S, (MD.) PM&R Physician, Mom, Designer and Writer



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