“Grow into your ideals so that life will not rob you of them.” – Albert Schweitzer



Seeker. Mother. Idealist. Humanitarian. Musician. Coach. Writer. Physician. Author. Activist.

British-born, raised in Nigeria and the United States, Yvonne Whitelaw is the quintessential idealistic, eclectic, third-cultured Renaissance woman. A wife and mother seeking balance in a driven profession with training as a physician and a master of public health, she soon found herself burned out and disillusioned with a life that was not aligned with her ideals.

Self-described as the “imaginary love-child of Schweitzer and Oprah”, she embarked on a quest to discover what it would take to thrive while living her ideals and making a positive impact in the world. As a Certified Daring Way Facilitator   and Certified Personal, Leadership and Executive coach in Positive Psychology, Trained in Unbeatable Mind Coaching, she is passionate about using writing, music, speaking, coaching and facilitation to inspire a global tribe of wholehearted idealist warriors to “live your ideals, thrive in your calling and change the world.”


Features include:

Chris Guillebeau – Art of Non-Conformity

Barbara Ferrier  – Courageous Women Project

Jonathan Fields – Camp Good Life Project

Danny Joe’s Treehouse – Emotional Guidance after a Tragic Event using Dramatic Play



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  1. I love love love this! I drove my friends crazy, for a time, when I posted all of my facebook comments in haiku form. I love the simplicity of them. And keeping in the 5-7-5 box feels a lot like keeping a tweet to 140 characters.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. I saw your quote in the GLP email regarding camp and see you are local to me in NoVa. I hope we connect in at camp. Your work looks fascinating!

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