Daily HaikuRx – #TheLuminousKarenWalrond


With her unique Lens,

Ms. Walrond inspires the world

to “look for the light”!

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Today’s haiku is dedicated to Karen Walrond in celebration of her 48th birthday. Karen Walrond is someone who deeply inspires me on a daily basis. We share a lot in common.  An engineer and attorney turned photographer, Karen is a renaissance woman who serves as a highly sought after keynote speaker, author, and activist. Her book, The Beauty of DIfferent is a number 1 Amazon bestseller, her 2012 TED talk  went viral and she regularly serves on the ONE campaign as an advisor and a resident photographer. But most importantly, Karen is a mother and wife, who has found a way to integrate her work and personal lives. Like me, Karen is third-culture -she is Trinidadian and American and has traveled around the world. 

I discovered her work during my participation in the Oprah-Brene ecourse 2 years ago. I also attended her lime retreat last year which really deepened my art journalling practice. Check out her website at www.chookooloonks.com. 

Yvonne Whitelaw writes for Yvonnewhitelaw.com where she blogs about her quest to grow into her ideals in her “Live Your Ideals Project”. By sharing her Daily Haikus (#HaikuRx – Prescriptions for an inspired life) and lessons along the way (Mondays and Thursdays), she hopes to serve and inspire a tribe of wholehearted idealists like you, to “live your ideals, thrive in your calling and change the world.”